In 2014 A look back at the key numbers

Let’s get going…

4 New Angels
joined the circus

We’re hiring too!

It’s not your ‘usual ’ office…

7000 Balls were added to our
office ball pool

Because everyone loves a ball pool!

15 Product updates

Plus, one brand new product launched!

Yes, we’ve been busy!

99.5% Uptime

All downtime was outside of regular working hours
and was for upgrades and maintenance.

We won’t let you down

872 sq. ft. of new circus office space

We need even more in 2015!

12 Innovation Days

That’s about 1,800 man-hours of pure innovation!
What’s an Innovation Day, you ask?

Plus, much more…

1,930 Total points scored

on our ‘Shooting Angels’ challenge

Come see us & have a go!

1 Grand Circus Opening

Complete with juggling, a contortionist and a stilt walker!

We aim to enthral & entertain!

46 Water balloons thrown

at our Summer sports day

But it’s not always playtime…

2 Major redesigns

Clean, bright and beautiful!



More than ever before!

91% increase in

Thanks for using!

12,867 Schools, Children’s Centres & Early Years providers using Perspective

That’s growing all the time!

649 Schools participated in our National Benchmarking Survey

One of many helpful surveys

1,769 School Infographics created

Single page storytelling

12,823 Observations were
recorded in Perspective

There were 2,730 Professional Standards completed too!

That’s a lot of observing!

18,764 Targets were created
in Perspective

There were 13,644 Actions too!

Our users have been busy

5,851 Performance Reviews were
created in Perspective

It’s good to review…

168 Events where we
presented Perspective

Our Angels are well–travelled

441% increase in Perspective
mobile & tablet usage

Use it away from your desk!

4.3 / 5 Stars Average user happiness
in Perspective

There were 1,632 Five Star ratings

We love happy users! ☺

85 Countries have created a
Digital 5 Minute Lesson plan.

14,155 Ofsted lead inspector searches

22 News articles used data from

Like this one on BBC News >

3,229 New Watchsted followers


40,561 New Ofsted inspections
were added to Watchsted

With even more search options!

4.4 / 5 Stars Average user
happiness in Nexus

There were 503 five star ratings

989,671 Reports created via
Nexus’ Batch Reporting

9,754 Views of Keypas’
most popular report

(EYFSP Summary Scores)

16,520 Pendulum visits
were recorded

Angel Solutions Logo

A big Thanks

from all of the team at Angel Solutions
for another brilliant year.

We are really excited for 2015!

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