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A Headteacher’s Tale: Why I Chose Balance!

Date: Tuesday 16 November
Time: 15:45–16:45
Venue: Online (Zoom)
Cost: FREE
Places available: 100

Find out why Headteachers are choosing Balance for their school and the impact it’s having on teaching and learning.

More Information:

Headteachers up and down the country are choosing Balance to connect their curriculum, planning and assessment together.

Don’t just take our word for it though, Gareth Doherty, Headteacher at St. Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School will be sharing his story of how Balance has impacted his school…

“The impact Balance has had on our practice has been huge… it has eliminatesd unnecessary, unproductive, ineffective workload. It allows the professional freedom for teachers to spend more of their time doing the thing which impacts the most – teach.”

A Headteacher's Tale Webinar

If you have any questions about this event and whether it would be suitable for you, please contact us on 0151 331 5017.