Introducing your NEW AI Lesson Planner 💥

Level up your planning game with all new artificial intelligence.

We are thrilled to announce the latest 5 Minute Lesson Plan (5MLP) update, designed to enhance your teaching journey like never before. With a new AI-powered lesson plan tool, we are confident that this update will revolutionise how you plan and deliver lessons.


Unfuddle your brain…

Start in your usual way when creating in 5MLP. Give your plan a name, lesson date and additional tags to help you find it later.


Pssst… Don’t worry if you’re not ready to add tags yet; our new AI will automatically do that for you later.

Your next step will then take you to our shiny new AI page… Enter a topic, subject, lesson length, and year group. Plus, the special ‘Additional Context’ box allows you to have your plan personalised to fit your needs!


Imagine how much time you’re going to save with this handy prompt and dropdown section.

Pssst… Don’t worry if you want to set up a plan in your usual way, click the ‘Skip’ button and we will take you straight to a blank template.


Let our AI do the work.

Once you’re happy with the instructions you have given our AI, wave goodbye to long hours at your desk writing unnecessarily detailed plans!


Easy Peasy, Lesson Squeezy!

Our advanced algorithms will analyse the information provided and generate a fully-fledged lesson plan that aligns with your objectives and context.


As you always have been able to, you can still edit each section within your plan to your teaching style.


This powerful tool saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your students.

Regenerate or download in a few clicks.

Want our AI to have another go? Click the ‘Review Content’ button, where you can edit the previous prompts before the plan is refreshed.


If you’re happy with your plan, you can download it to whatever device you are working on in an easy-to-read PDF format that you can share with your TA, SLT or anyone who needs to see it.


All the plans you create are available through your planning home page where you can search and filter by keyword including the tags.


Ready to get started?

Sign in now and see the updates for yourself.

Not currently a 5 Minute Lesson Plan user?

Sign up for a FREE 14-day Trial – (No payment needed) and try it out for yourself.


If you or any colleagues questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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