About us

We create innovative web-based applications to help all levels of the education sector, from pupils, teachers and school leaders right through to local authorities and large academy chains. Our tools are used nationwide, as well as internationally.

We Believe

  • Everyone deserves a quality education;
  • Freedom & creativity breed innovation;
  • Excellence should be noticed & rewarded;
  • Life is better with some fun & personality;
  • Greatness comes from always knowing that you can be better;
  • Angel is not its employees, but our beliefs. Those will live forever.

At the beginning of 2012, we converted our offices into a Circus so that our surroundings could reflect the personality and innovation that takes place within the company.

Why a circus? Because the circus is a place where talented performers train hard and work to entertain and thrill their audience. In the same way, we want to wow people with our software, customer service and support. We love seeing visitors’ faces when they come to meet Team Angel at our circus. There’s a Big Top and gypsy caravan for creative meetings, a grandstand (complete with ball pool) for presentations, a full-wall blackboard for ideas and inspiration, plus fairground mirrors, a popcorn machine and plenty of other circus curiosities for fun. Most of our staff have even learnt to juggle! And really, it’s our staff who reflect the Angel Solutions DNA more than any props ever could.

Beyond the circus, creativity and innovation is central to how we work. We give staff plenty of opportunities to promote and showcase their talents, whether work-related or not, and place a high value on ongoing learning.

Most importantly, we always strive to celebrate effort and creative thinking in our team, just as much as we celebrate their successes.

For example, our staff might…

  • Introduce a new work process to try to save time
  • Trial a new technology inside one of our products
  • Teach a skill or share an idea at a lunchtime smorgasbord session
  • Work with a totally different team on an innovation day
  • Run a staff training session to share their knowledge
  • Do an online course to learn something new
No matter how busy we are, it’s important to us to carve out precious time like this. We hold Innovation Days every month and encourage as many people as possible to pause what they’re working on to take part. During that time, teams can mix up and people have an opportunity to work on whatever they want! At the show and tell sessions at the end of these days, presentations are always met with the sound of applause and cheering, whether or not they worked out!

More than anything else, our company culture is genuinely reflected in the wonderful people who make up our staff team.

Lots of our staff have been with us a long time now — some since graduating from university — and their hard work, dedication, expertise and creativity is rewarded. Take a look at our jobs page for more on the benefits we give our team, or see our Flickr photo gallery for a flavour of what it’s like to work at Angel.

We love it when schools, authorities and other current or potential stakeholders come to visit us here, and are always welcoming to the office groups of students or people from other sectors who want to come and meet our team.

Only here at our circus can you get a true feel for who we are and what makes our products and services so special. Simply get in touch if you’d like to pay us a visit.
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