Professional Judgements

Professional Judgements gives you the clearest picture of how your children are progressing through the curriculum at a glance – saving you a whole lot of time, and a whole lot of admin.

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Point in time assessments at the click of a button

There’s no need for complicated spreadsheets or calculators, Balance does all the hard work for you with a live summary bar that updates every time you submit your judgement. Magic.

Stay on top of your judgements

Once Professional Judgements have been recorded initially, you can sit back and monitor the judgements throughout the year (so you can really stay on top of things). Review them every half term, and only change a judgement when it’s necessary – saving you from having to re-enter them every few weeks. Nice!

Handy for Leaders

Once a Professional Judgement has been recorded for each child in a class, SLT can see a whole school overview for each subject. Quickly identify pupils you want to provide support or intervention for without increasing anyone’s workload. Phewww!

Customise statements

Use different language or terminology in your school? Don't panic, it's no problem. The statements are totally customisable. Not only can you create your own judgements, but we even let you pick the colours... fun! We know.