We rolled out Perspective Lite to our schools in Summer 2012, and initially populated it with our own summary sheets and analysis packs (via use of the Broadcast module from Angel Solutions). This year (2013) we will also be issuing EYFS and Phonics reports from the Keypas module. My team at the LA have found the Nexus solution (and its various modules) to be really efficient and simple to use and our schools have got on well with the use of Perspective Lite. We are in regular contact with Angel to discuss new features / enhancements to Broadcast and we are also hoping to explore use of the other Nexus modules which also link to Perspective Lite.”
Katherine Atkinson — Performance & Information Manager — Kent Local Authority
We initially rolled out Perspective Lite to our schools about 3 years ago when the LA first purchased the Pendulum records of visit module from Angel Solutions which can be enabled within Nexus. This allowed LA School Improvement advisors to access Nexus and benefit from all the information it stores, and then use the Pendulum module specifically to set up, write and submit their visit reports. These reports (once finalised) are then visible to the school through Perspective Lite and also for LA colleagues through the Nexus Schools dashboard. This has been working really well for a number of years now and has been the driving force behind our successful trading strategy with schools. More recently we have started publishing a range of reports and LA News to also appear in Perspective Lite as well as using the Broadcast module for the distribution of a wide range of analyses (including not only our own bespoke information but RAISEonline, Nexus Profile, ALPS, EPAS reports etc) , thus making Perspective Lite a one-stop shop for schools.”
Sharon Goddard — School Improvement Business Manager — West Berkshire Local Authority
We rolled out Perspective Lite to our schools in Feb 2013. We initially used it to communicate LA News items securely and efficiently from the LA News tool in Nexus and this year I will be sending all Keypas reports that are available for batch reporting over the summer period to our schools. This will ease the pressure to have our in house (excel based) reports ready for the start of the new academic year. This was one of the main reasons I was eager to roll out Perspective Lite within our LA. Schools are getting on pretty well with Perspective Lite and the plan is to promote it more aggressively during the summer period once all the end of year data collection is complete and the batch reports are available. It’s still early days but so far I have been impressed with how Nexus and Perspective Lite provide a joined up and efficient communication tool for the LA and our schools.
Rakesh Mistry — Principal Performance and Statistics Officer — Brent
Really Nexus is now the MIS System for School Improvement Liverpool (linking to Perspective Lite for schools). Strategically used for the SIP(s) reports (the Pendulum module) and operationally by me (Keypas Analysis /Reports) to inform, comment and update cross sector teams. I’m currently transferring communication to schools from S2S over to Perspective Lite, using the Broadcast module to disseminate our own bespoke attainment packs and the LA News module for universal LA items and news to partners. The schools get on really well with Perspective Lite and find it effective and easy to use, we will definitely be looking to maintain this whole solution as Liverpool’s MIS system in the future.
Mike Maher — School Improvement Officer — Liverpool
Our schools have had access to Perspective Lite now for about 18 months and the feedback has been really positive. Previously we would send them data / analysis via secure email using Winzip which they would struggle with so Perspective Lite is working really well for us. Within the LA Nexus is now being used by the Data Team, School Improvement Team and Schools support. As well as sending our own bespoke data analysis to Perspective Lite (through the Broadcast module) we also send Keypas Reports and LA News items. Our school improvement team have also started sending their documents to Perspective Lite via the Broadcast module.
Angela Elshafei — Policy and Performance Officer — Bexley Local Authority

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