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Over 19,000 schools across England use Perspective Lite to access everything from early national data to our unique Ofsted Lead Inspector profiles. You’ll save time preparing for governor meetings (or school improvement meetings) with our handy infographic tool for your census data, and even receive alerts when things change across Parent View, and more.

Not to mention, it’s absolutely free.

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Always feel prepared when you get that call with the latest intel available on the lead Ofsted inspectors visiting your school, at your fingertips. Inspector Profiles summarises every inspection your lead inspector has done, showing you their main findings, recommendations, recurring themes – and even the other schools they’ve recently inspected on a map.


Make sense of your census data quickly and easily with our infographic creator.

Transform your data into an easy-to-understand visual, making it easy to see the wider context of your school (including SEND, FSM, and summer-born children). Plus, you’ll save time – no more faffing required to prepare for your governor meetings or inspections. One-click, and you’re ready to go.


Get ahead of the game with a first-look at the emerging results for EYFSP, Phonics, KS1 and KS2, only with Perspective Lite.

Thanks to our partnership with the NCER, you’ll get access to our exclusive real-time data dashboard, be able to work out how your school compares to the early National and LA results for the current results year, and see a comparison for each Key Stage over a three year period*.

*Our data dashboards are enabled by your Local Authority.
Due to Covid19, there will be no SATS data for 2020 and 2021.

And that’s not all…

We’re constantly updating Perspective Lite to bring teachers helpful, free tools – as well as provide
a secure place for organisations to share files and news with their schools.


5 Minute Lesson Plan

Make lesson planning
quick and easy.


Curate the news you want
to see in one handy place.


See recent inspection grades,
reports and analysis.


File Returns

Secure file transfers without
attachments or GDPR concerns.

Records of Visit

Save time with records of
visit tools for Local Authorities.

Census Returns

Quick and customisable data
capture and collection MATS
and Local Authorities.

Documents & Data

Secure and easy access to Local
Authority files and documents.


Perspective is the school improvement toolkit that reduces your workload.

Save time and money by letting Perspective take care of the unnecessary admin at every stage of your school cycle. From completing the SEF to staying on top of development plans and appraisals, thousands of schools across the country are already using it to make each day that little bit easier.

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