Broadcast makes waves

Since the launch in mid-2011 of Broadcast, which provides Local Authority data teams with a simple, efficient and secure way to share files with all of their schools, over 35 Local Authorities have started using the service!

A free 3 month trial of Broadcast is available to any LA who utilise Nexus if they register between now and September 2011, so evaluation of the product can be done without risk.

The LA’s who have signed up to Broadcast have fed back that they are seeing the following benefits:

  • Genuine time and cost savings over other transmission methods
  • Eliminates the need to provide VPN access or LA Portal/Intranet
  • Saves on software licences and server running costs
  • Schools access files via secure web interface from any location
  • Local Authorities see the same files as the schools
  • Schools alerted to the availability of new files
  • Ability to make sure files get to the intended audience
  • No need to learn a new system as Broadcast sits inside Nexus

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please email

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