NCER Annual Conference

Angel Solutions are excited to once again be heading to Birmingham this Friday for the NCER annual conference which will see around 100 Local Authorities coming to see the new and upcoming releases to Nexus and Keypas used by every member Local Authority in England.

This will be a chance to showcase the new dashboards, school improvement functionality, census module, dynamic school grouping and tagging, additional Watchsted integration, Maps and Infographics, Alerts and a new and improved visual interface!

We will be delivering a keynote presentation, along with 2 workshops throughout the day.

This follows on from the LGA conference where we presented Nexus and Perspective Lite to the School Improvement leads and Assistant Directors from Local Authorities up and down the country.

We look forward to seeing our Nexus users over the course of the day and will be bringing a number of the Angels from the circus down to Birmingham!

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