NCER Conference success for 2015

Angel Solutions recently presented an exciting software roadmap for local authorities at the Annual NCER Conference in Birmingham. Angel Solutions has been working with the National Consortium of Examination Results (NCER) since 1999 and we think this was their best members’ meeting yet!

Map showing the local authority representation at this year's NCER Members' Meeting!

The conference sold out weeks in advance, with 120 local authorities in attendance!

The day gave local authorities an opportunity to see the wealth of tools and resources that will be at their disposal in the coming months and years. In the world of education, changes are taking place every year up to 2023, all of which will impact schools, local authorities and the NCER. It is with these changes in mind that Angel Solutions are working to develop the best software possible — software that will meet the challenges of a complex and changing education data landscape head-on!

We are working to ensure that NEXUS and all of our software offerings are ready for these changes. Our products will continue to meet local authority needs, to present and analyse data accurately and effectively, and to save educators time and resources.

The feedback from the 2015 NCER Conference was overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few quotes from delagates on the day:

“Understanding the passion the NCER and Angel Solutions have regarding primary and secondary datasets is good to see.”
“It was all relevant and important.”
“I’m new to the sector and it was very useful in giving me an overall understanding of the technical processes around data collection and attainment.”
“Andy Kent’s (Angel Solutions) presentation was interesting and passionate.”
“The Changing National Data Landscape will be a useful resource to share with school and from which I think they’ll benefit.”
“The further progress being made with NEXUS 2015 is impressive!”

What’s next?

Team Angel enjoyed the day and loved speaking with so many of the local authorities we serve. Since the conference we have been busy working on new data reports that will be coming to NEXUS, as well as a whole host of other features.

“Education data changes every year until 2023”, you say?
We say, “Bring on the challenges!”

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