New features in Nexus

Nexus for local authorities has been ungraded to include new Pupil Premium reports with a clean, modern design, plus the ability to map local authority schools by RAG rating!

What’s new in Nexus:

  1. A suite of seven new pupil premium reports, complete with a visual makeover
  2. Map schools by RAG rating

Pupil Premium Reports

Seven New Pupil Premium Reports!

There are 7 new reports in Keypas covering EYFSP, Phonics, KS1 and KS2.

These reports are the first to feature our new design! Move away from drab, monochrome tables and let Nexus inject vibrant colour, a Nexus-themed font set and better layouts that aim to make the reports easier to read at a glance.

Each report has a (Beta) suffix, as we wanted to get membership feedback on these NCER specified reports. The national figures have NOT yet been included as we enter the 2015 data collection cycle to ensure the reports are accurate and allow a Local Authority to compare a school with an LA value prior to an emerging 2015 figure being stable.

Here is an example of one of the new pupil premium reports at EYFSP:

New Pupil Premium Report at EYFSP

To access the reports you can either:

  • Go to the Keypas Dashboard and see them grouped together in your Favourite Reports widget.
  • Or alternatively, navigate to
    Nexus > Keypas > Tree View > [Keystage] > Reports > [Report Name]

Here are the names of the new reports you will find within each Key Stage:

  • EYFSP: Setting Summary Pupil Premium (Beta)
  • Phonics: LA Summary Pupil Premium (Beta)
  • Phonics: School Summary Pupil Premium (Beta)
  • KS1: School and LA Pupil Premium (Beta)
  • KS1: School List by Subject Pupil Premium (Beta)
  • KS2 From DfE/AAT: School and LA Pupil Premium (Beta)
  • KS2 From DfE/AAT: School List by Subject Pupil Premium (Beta)

From now on, all new reports created in Keypas (including those that we will create for KS4 and KS5) will be presented in a new design. We also intend to overhaul existing reports to not only use our new styling, but to incorporate multi-select dropdowns and other enhancements too!

Pupil Premium Import Instructions

Please see the attached file for details on how to import your Local Authority Pupil Premium file.

Future Pupil Premium Reports

We wanted to provide this new analysis now ahead of the NCER conference. However, these reports are only the first phase of Pupil Premium functionality within Keypas Online.

As part of the second phase Angel Solutions and the NCER are investigating ways to best source aggregated Local Authority and national data. This will enable us to show aggregated data on the reports and the gap between school and aggregated data.

More useful Information

Throughout these reports you’ll see some acronyms you may not yet be familiar with. We’ve taken these acronyms from the Common Basic Data Set (CBDS). Their definitions are described on the report but to help you can see them below too.

Acronyms Pupil Premium Indicator
DPP Deprivation Pupil Premium
SCP Service Child Premium
LAP Looked After Premium
AFC Adopted from Care Premium

To help you find the reports we’ve added them to your Favourite Reports widget and prefixed their names with Pup Prem. You can find your Favourite Reports widget on the Nexus home screen or your Keypas Dashboard as shown below.

Favourite Reports

Map your Schools by RAG rating

You have previously been able to show schools on a map and categorise them by group or inspection grade. Now you can also show/filter schools categorised by RAG rating as shown in the mock example image below.

Please note: RAG rating can be found under the inspection area drop down filter.

Favourite Reports

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