Innovators Hub tech academy has launched!

Catalyst, the exciting new academy programme run by Innovators Hub (iH) officially kicked off on Tuesday 24th January. Read more about what the participants got up to…

Word Cloud showing what participants said at the end of the day feedback

For Catalyst’s launch forty-three passionate and talented individuals gathered at iH’s fantastic new space in the Tempest Building on Tithebarn Street to enjoy an exciting (and unconventional!) first day of the programme.

The first session saw the group take part in creative activities to encourage teamwork and increase understanding of the different roles within a team.

In a surprisingly short amount of time, the tribe came together and were able to identify and share their similar passions and drive. The iH team were thrilled to see first-hand the openness participants had to explore and learn.

Dowling wood challenge
Aeroplane-building exercise

What was the verdict?

All of the participants — including our own Angel interns — seemed to really enjoy the day, and iH were flooded with positive comments.

One of the major draws of a programme like Catalyst — for both businesses and participants alike — is that people get to participate in group learning and personal development activities like this, as well as gaining real-world working experience in their industry of interest.

Harriet Bridge, said:

“I think the Catalyst programme is a fantastic opportunity to extend my digital skill set. The graduation at the end of the programme is also something I am looking forward to as it will be a chance to celebrate everyone’s achievements together.”

Take a look at the word cloud above to get a feel for how participants are feeling about the programme.

Passion for Innovation | Passion for Liverpool

Angel Solutions are very proud to be working so closely with Innovators Hub as they seek to build up talent and improve skill retention in the tech sector in Liverpool.

We’re so excited to see what the future holds for these first Catalyst participants, and are looking forward to seeing the Innovators Hub programme grow in future.

Innovators Hub Founder, Robyn Dooley, shares our passions and our immense amount of pride in the city of Liverpool. (To use Robyn’s words, “a city that’s radiating with talent”!)

We are confident, along with many other businesses and key stakeholders in the city, that Innovators Hub will only help to nurture that talent further.

Why not take a look at Robyn’s Linkedin page to read her reflections on the Catalyst launch day and to see a selection of brilliant photos from the other workshops that took place.

Connect with iH to sign up for Catalyst 2.0!

The iH team are already on the look out for individuals who want to take part in future Catalyst programmes.

If this is something you’re interested in, or you simply want to stay updated on iH news, then please visit the Innovators Hub Website or contact Robyn Dooley directly.

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