Introducing Secure File Delivery: Save Time & Reduce Workload

Experience effortless automation with Broadcast’s latest update.

Our Secure File Delivery revolutionises how you send confidential files directly to their intended recipients in each school, ensuring security while drastically cutting down on your time and effort. Simplify your tasks, focus on what matters.

Zip Confirmation  

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

  • Targeted Sharing Made Simple: Directly share files with specific roles at each school, ensuring the right people access the right information every time.
  • Effortless Bulk Uploads: Upload confidential files in bulk with our zip file feature, making large-scale distribution a breeze.
  • Intelligent Automation: Our clever matching technology utilises Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) to guarantee files reach their intended schools, eliminating errors and saving precious time.
  • Stay Informed Instantly: Automatic email notifications mean your recipients never miss an important file, keeping everyone informed and up-to-date.
  • Comprehensive Oversight: Our enhanced management dashboards offer a detailed overview of all file distributions, broken down by role, providing you with unparalleled insight and control.

Each feature is designed with your workload in mind, automating and simplifying tasks to free up more of your time for what truly matters. Login to Broadcast now to start using these features.

For a deeper dive into how these features can benefit your operations, please read on. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Bulk Upload Confidential Files with a Zip File

We’ve enhanced the uploader to accept a Zip file that contains multiple files prefixed with each school’s URN (Unique Reference Number). Broadcast will match each individual file against a school using that URN.

You can still send a confidential single file or a zip file to an individual school.

Upload New Files  

Pssst… Coming soon, we will also support matching by DFE number.

Sharing files to a role makes them available to any Perspective school user who has been assigned that role, both now & in the future.

Match-Made for Time Savers

You’ll be given a chance to review all the files that have been matched to a school or setting in your LA and see precisely where they’ll be going. This allows you to verify the matches and re-assign any files if necessary.

Zip Confirmation  

Broadcast will let you filter on any files that are unmatched, as well as provide warnings where a matched file does not have a role assigned to a user in that school.

Promptly Inform your Schools

Broadcast automatically sends users an email notification as soon as their files become available.


Pssst… Broadcast even tells you when the school doesn’t have anyone assigned to that role, so you can immediately notify the Head Teacher to correct this!

See Files by Role

Your management dashboards have always let you see files that have been shared with a specific person in a school. As part of this release, you will also see a list of all the files shared by role.

Confidential Files  

Get your Schools to Assign People to Roles

To make the best use of the new features, it’s essential to create roles in Broadcast and get all your schools to assign and keep their roles up-to-date within Perspective.

Contact our Support Team or your account manager to find out how we can help or forward your schools the links to the Perspective Lite or Perspective Premium help guides.

Manage Roles  

We have handy Broadcast help guides that walk you through the new update and anything you may need to know about roles or Confidential Files. Login to Broadcast now to get started.

Local Authorities are now achieving significant cost savings by consolidating their existing secure file transfer systems with our new functionality. Discover how you can reduce your costs by contacting

Extending your use of Broadcast to include Early Years, PVIs, and Health Clusters is straightforward. For this, or any questions, our Support Team are always ready to help you.


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