Angel & Collaborative Academies Trust

We are pleased to announce that Angel Solutions and Collaborative Academies Trust (CAT) have begun working together on a project which will start in earnest in January 2014.

The project will see the Trust utilise both our Perspective and Observatory software across their academies, integrating some of the unique educational content from Edison Learning, and mirroring the approach which makes CAT such a compelling sponsor choice for their schools.

Using Angel Solutions’ unique toolkit will help leaders to further streamline some of the processes and the methodology which CAT have established in their schools, saving precious time and providing comprehensive oversight of school improvement for governors, school staff and the trust.

Essential to the development of the partnership has been very similar philosophies between both parties, and a real desire to extend positive collaboration between schools.

We are really looking forward to working with the CAT team further over the coming months, and with the academies themselves as we move through the year.

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