Brand New Census Tool

Angel Solutions are proud to launch our new Census Tool inside Perspective Observatory, Perspective and Perspective Lite

Designed for Local Authorities and Organisations working with schools, academies and children’s centres, our census tool allows you to create and manage your own census!

Census Management

Templates can be made up from a bank of existing system defined Key Performance Indicators or define your own KPIs.

List of KPIs

Creating a new KPI

Choose a template and decide which of the establishments you want to issue the census to.

Census Final Checking Screen

Schools, Academies and Children’s Centres complete their census returns inside Perspective or Perspective Lite with an easy to use form with prompts, guides and validation.

Users complete the census inside Perspective

Get an overview of the status of each census return across all your establishments and download the summary raw data at any time!

Census Management: Overview of returns

Save hours of time collating key performance indicators regardless of the MIS in use at each establishment

For further information contact Andy Kent on 0845 833 0933 or email

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