Brand New Infographic Generator

Angel Solutions are proud to release another innovative module within Perspective and Perspective Lite!

Tell your “School Story” on a single page!

Perspective and Perspective Lite has a brand new InfoGraphic Creator that will produce a visual overview of the demographic of your school!

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, knowledge or data intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

School Census Infographic

An infographic generated from the school census file


We have designed this to work from your school census file. This is the return you produce from your MIS in January, May and October to send to your Local Authority or the DFE.

To access this, log into Perspective or Perspective Lite and click on the Reports menu item and then Infographics.

We hope you enjoy this new, free addition and look forward to hearing your feedback on this innovative tool!

If you haven’t looked at our Watchsted inspection intelligence tool inside Perspective, why not log in now and have a look!

The Perspective Team

Click here to visit the DFE website for further information on the Census File

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