Lesson Observations

Carrying out lesson observations in schools or observations in children’s centres has become a breeze for users of Perspective.

We recently launched this module alongside our Professional Standards module which have been receiving great feedback from users

The main features include:

  • Create your own templates or use/modify the existing templates
  • Tailor for your own school or children’s centre
  • Easy to use with the ability to toggle comments on/off
  • Quick access to grade descriptors (eg standardising what “outstanding” looks like in your school)
  • Works across all major browsers as well as mobile devices such as iPads and tablet devices
  • Analyse the results across the whole school, across teams, across subjects or for individuals
  • Instant access to raw data for your own custom analysis
  • Automatically included inside the Performance Management module
  • Included in the personal Dashboard for each member of staff
  • Templates can be printed and entered into Perspective at a later date
  • Powerful reporting

Save hours of time compiling paper forms , use as evidence for Ofsted, identify CPD needs and more

Why not arrange a 30 minute online demo to see why so many schools and children’s centres choose Perspective!

Call us now on 0845 833 7190 or email perspective@angelsolutions.co.uk to arrange a date and time that works for you!

We have included some screenshots of the new module below:

Lesson Observations Dashboard

Lesson Observations Home Page 


Template Management in Lesson Observations

Managing the lesson observations templates


Customisation: Editing descriptors for a judgement

Editing a Grade Judgement


Carrying out a lesson observation

Showing comments in a lesson observation form

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