Walsall Schools choose Perspective

Hot on the heels of the successful roll out of Perspective Lite to all of the schools in Walsall LA this term, we are pleased to announce that the first large cluster of Primary schools has upgraded to the full version of Perspective.

Integral to the decision for the heads was the ability to work and learn together as a cluster, individually as Head’s, or in their role’s as an Executive Head across a federation – sharing information between themselves to help facilitate the strong working relationship and shared improvement goals they have.

The unique Observatory tool which works in conjunction with Perspective gives schools leaders the ability to work in partnership as well as in their own school. Alongside this, having all of their data in one place, whether it’s from the Local Authority, from the cluster, nationally or locally, was a critical part of their decision.

Some of the schools are already up and running, and the feedback has been fantastic, which is great news. It’s always nice when schools confirm how effective and easy to use Perspective is – we never tire of hearing it!

Thanks to the team at New Invention for hosting the event, and for the lovely sandwiches, and to Woodlands Academy and the Shortheath Federation for inviting us and fitting us into the agenda.

Next week sees the second cluster meeting arranged on the spot by one of the attendees, and we are looking forward to seeing ten more schools there, and even more at sessions in January.


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