How senior leaders are using Perspective for their monitoring

We wanted to give you a taste of how Perspective lesson observations are used in practice in schools.

So, we asked some of our customers what they would say to other senior leaders considering buying into Perspective and this is the feedback we received. Thank you to all who contributed!

By using the Perspective Observation module, we have empowered staff at all levels to take a positive role in lesson observations, resulting in greater openness and an increase in shared good practice.

Within subject areas, the Perspective Observation module has allowed subject leaders a much greater sense of the real-time performance of their staff and enabled timely support, training and intervention. [It] allows the CPD coordinator to assess priorities and allocate training budget funds more appropriately.

Assistant Headteacher at Calday Grange Grammar School

We have used the observations module for a range of lessons, learning walks and reviews of planning and pupils’ work. This helps us have an up to date picture of where we need to further develop teaching.

Headteacher at West St Leonards Primary School

The observations are available straight away to add as evidence to appraisal documents if pertinent to targets, all observations are collated so that it is clear what percentage of lessons observed are outstanding, good etc. and nobody can lose them!

Deputy Headteacher at Beaufort Co-Operative Academy

You can tailor the observation form, so you can quickly analyse the quality of teaching for individual teachers, key stages and whole school over a certain period of time. This helps to quickly identify where the weaknesses and the strengths lie.

Headteacher at Parsloes Primary School

Perspective has given the school the opportunity to create bespoke whole school lesson observation and book scrutiny templates, focusing on the key issues, which is used consistently by all staff.

As a senior leader, Perspective is fantastic tool in tracking all observations that go on in school, which are recorded in one place. The ability to cross–reference lesson observation and book scrutiny records with department development plans is invaluable in allowing the school to make accurate judgements about where the school stands in terms of teaching and learning.

Perspective observations also have the added benefit for staff to quickly and easily provide evidence for their performance management objectives.

Assistant Headteacher at Little Lever School

Angel Solutions’ Perspective observations module has proved invaluable for creating individual learning journeys for our teachers. It has made observations and learning walks quick and easy with instant feedback.

Headteacher at Brooklands Farm Primary School

There is a huge benefit in making observations a non–paper–based system — nothing gets lost, nothing is hard to find, and no one person needs to collate them — Perspective does this already.

The presentation of the observations themselves is powerful. The document looks professional, and the setting out in boxes does actually make the form easier to read, compared to a simply typed document.

Assistant Headteacher at Chipping Campden School

We have found that using the observations module has supported the scrutiny and improvement of the quality of teaching and learning at our school, leading to more developmental support of staff from SLT.

Headteacher at Southglade Primary and Nursery School

We have been using Perspective for over a year now and the observation tool is a superb aspect. In a world of paper, folders and files, staff never have to worry about losing their observations as they are easily accessed and on the system. Crucial if you are building evidence for career stage progression!

Headteacher at Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre

The observation module is absolutely key to our school improvement. We don’t just use it for traditional classroom based observations, but for every aspect of performance that can be observed, judged and ultimately improved.

Ultimately though, it’s the analysis and export tools that have revolutionised our practice. Now we can see at an instant how we are doing as a school against a whole set of observation criteria, making our training and development priorities easy to track.

Assistant Headteacher at Chaucer School

The observation tool has been invaluable in supporting us to improve the quality of teaching. The graded judgements allow for easy identification of staff who need specific support, whilst at the same time also identifying potential mentors and coaches.

Headteacher at Ernulf Academy

All our QA evidence for the quality of T&L is created through Perspective‘s observation templates, including lesson observations, learning walks, work and planning scrutiny at both subject and individual teacher level.

We have effectively embedded much of our appraisal ‘evidence gathering’ into the quality assurance process both within individual subject areas at middle leader level and also the wider whole school QA carried out by the SLT. As a result our teachers are embracing the national changes to PRP more readily than they might as they have confidence that the systems used are fair, consistent and transparent.

Headteacher at Westhoughton High School

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