“Why we chose Perspective”

A leading University Technology College has decided that Perspective school improvement suite is the best software around to improve management processes and impact quality of education. We asked them to share their experiences of using the system and to explain why it’s meeting their needs…

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Heathrow Aviation Engineering University Technology College (HAE UTC) are a new forward-looking educational establishment; opened in response to the growing demand for professionally skilled, well-educated engineers and technicians in the aviation industry. Brunel University, the Royal Air Force, British Airways and Heathrow Airport are just some of the key players involved in making the College a reality.

Given their array of quality partners, HAE UTC have to be discerning in their choice of system providers. That’s why, following a comprehensive selection process where they looked at all the options, they chose Perspective as the best school improvement system for them.

Vice Principal Dwayne Philip said:

Perspective has a logical design and workflow to it, meaning we could engage with the improvement cycle at a point that was relevant to us. Even as a new school, our specific needs were catered for. We also liked the way that the system brought many of the different elements of school improvement together under one single login.”

“With a Perspective account I am able to issue surveys, self-assess against Ofsted criteria, plan for improvement, conduct appraisal, and gather evidence of improvement on both a personal and an establishment basis.”

The system makes sense. For example, the links between Performance Management and Evidence — reviewees can attach their own evidence to their targets, whilst the system also makes other evidence of professional practice available just at the point you need it. Or take the Self-Review elements — you get the latest Ofsted guidance and prompts, but broken down into usable sections. It’s current and even gives you suggested sources of evidence to refer to. You can see that the system has been well thought through.”

All in all, we felt Perspective gave us all of the supporting materials we needed to achieve and prove success.

Perspective “makes sense” for UTCs!

If you lead a University Technology College, you too can unlock all the benefits inside Perspective, just as Heathrow Aviation Engineering UTC have done. Click here to browse the system features, or get in touch below to arrange a free online demonstration.


We look forward to serving an increasing number of University Technology Colleges and other forward-thinking establishments in the coming years. Don’t hesitate to get in touch — we’re on hand to answer your questions!

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