It’s official! EIF 2019.

It’s finally happened – the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019 has been confirmed.

CIF becomes EIF in September. Out with the old, in with the new!

Luckily for you, we’ve done some of the hard work for you and created a summary of the key changes that will be implemented in September.

Here’s a full breakdown of the EIF, but in the meantime… here’s a few of the changes we thought were the most interesting:

One Day Notice

The proposed 2.5 hour notice before an inspector arrives on site has changed! Phew. However, instead Ofsted will call to announce an inspection between 10.30AM and 2PM the day before they arrive, but head teachers will receive an additional 90-minute phone call with the lead inspector the same afternoon.

2-Day Inspections

‘Good’ schools will no longer receive one-day inspections, they’ll get the same two-day inspection as everybody else. Only small schools (150 pupils or less) will receive one-day inspections. Guess one-size-doesn’t-fit-for-all, or at least a one-day inspections, in this case!

External Data Only

Ofsted will ONLY take external data into account – meaning any internal data you’ve recorded won’t be seen or judged. They will be interested in the conclusions drawn but won’t examine or verify that information first hand.

Balanced Workloads

They will, however, look at data in relation to your workload. If excess hours are being spent putting data into trackers, that’s going to be a problem… (Pssst. our Balance software should be able to help you with that…).

No More Teaching to the Test

Time to broaden the curriculum. Ofsted have a heavy focus on curriculum this year so no more teaching to the test, more making sure your children understand what they’ve learnt.

No Gaming or Off-rolling

Naughty schools who participate in gaming or off-rolling will immediately receive an ‘Inadequate’ judgement in Leadership & Management. You’ve been warned.

Need a hand?

Whether you need to Balance your day-to-day classroom data or get a broader Perspective of what’s happening in your school, these two tools should help.

Just give us a shout and one of our Angels will take a look at how our tools can help.

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