We’ve updated Perspective… again!

We’ve added some handy new features as well as making some helpful tweaks to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Three’s never a crowd when it comes to reports…

Whether you already benefit from using our school and team development plans (including the recently added RAG rating features) or you’ve never even given it a go, there’s never been a better time to log in and see our brand new template.

On top of the 2 classic formats, we’ve added a brand new third template to our Planning module. It brings together the best bits of what we know you love about the current options and lays things out in a way that may be more helpful to your school.

If you’re using planning already, the good news is you have instant access to this new report. If you’ve not used planning yet, don’t worry! We can get you set up in no time.

Interim reviews update

We have had lots of lovely feedback after adding interim reviews to performance management but one common bit of feedback was around submitting a review after adding an interim review.

Based on this feedback we have removed the “Submit for Feedback” bar at the bottom of the interim review section to avoid any confusion about whether you need to send the review for feedback. You don’t need to do this. As soon as you save your interim review, your reviewee will be alerted.

SEF Evidence Base – Choose what you show

We want to empower you to manage the visibility of comments from archived users. If notes and BSQ comments are no longer relevant you can now simply turn them off with a switch of a button.

You may also notice some other subtle updates we’ve made to enhance your experience of Perspective.

Why don’t you log in now and see for yourself?

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