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The latest Observatory update (released on Monday 18th July) is mainly focused on features used by our Observatory Premium customers and includes enhancements to our Visits & Actions module and a brand new MIS data analysis toolkit to see data directly from your school’s MIS.

Observatory Premium upgrades your standard account to include premium features throughout the year. If you have not already had a demonstration of how we can help you manage your visits & track actions or get insights into your school MIS data, then get in touch, and we can show you how other customers are benefitting.

We have included below a list of features included in this release. Let’s dive right in and take a look at the new features…

Further enhancements to Observatory

If you use the organisation grades, you can now choose your own colours!

customise grades  

Whether you use the default OGRI grades or have created your own custom grades, you can now bring the intelligence screens to life with colours of your choice!

Admins can change this under the “Manage Grades” section in your Settings.

MIS Analysis: School Context

We are so excited to bring our Premium users a real-time analysis of the data held in their schools’ MIS. By combining a Wonde subscription to an Observatory Premium account, users can visualise the data across all their schools regardless of which MIS they are using.

MIS school data  

For this first analysis phase, we have focused on pupil census data. Users with the right permissions can see an overall picture of all schools and have the ability to aggregate this data across the entire organisation.

MIS data  

No more hours spent trying to collate data from schools – all the key data is automatically updated overnight.

MIS toggles  

If you need to share the data with colleagues, use our handy EXPORT PDF option to create a report you can email or print off. And the “About this data” link will tell you where data has been sourced from.

about this data  

See what’s coming soon…

Our coming soon tab will highlight the latest updates to come your way. Pssst… we are already busy working on attendance data!

coming soon tab  

Introducing our new Actions Dashboard!

Observatory Premium users have already been benefitting from our Visits & Actions module. As part of our ongoing developments, we have now launched a new Actions Dashboard so that users can bring all their actions against their schools into one centralised place.

actions dashboard screen  

We will highlight anything that needs attention, such as an overdue action, but the handy keyword search tool is available to look across all your actions.

Our export function lets users get the list out of Observatory and into Excel – handy for a catch-up meeting!

actions dash main icons  

The filters let users look across groups of schools or check in on any overdue actions for a colleague who may be absent.

From here, users can also create a new action and assign it to any of their schools. A quick and easy way to add an action without it needing to be part of a visit!

create an action  

Want to hear more about our Premium features?

Book a quick demo session with our team below, and we will give you a guided tour of the latest update and premium features.


As always if you have any questions or feedback you can get in touch with us via email at customercare@angelsolutions.co.uk.

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