Benefit from Exclusions Data & Cleaning Tools

We’ve got some exciting new features to show you, including the latest additions to your MIS dashboard and some new improvements to your reports. This latest round of features includes a brand new set of Exclusions Dashboards and a comprehensive set of cleaning tools designed to make sure your schools’ data is in the best shape for reporting and analysis.

Introducing Exclusions Data

As part of our ongoing updates to your MIS dashboards, we are pleased to now include Exclusions and Suspensions Analysis. See Exclusions MIS data at both school and organisation levels. This is on top of the Contextual and Attendance data dashboards we launched last year.


You can filter your Exclusions and Suspensions data by School, Key Stage/NC year or date. As with all our MIS data dashboards, we will provide local and national benchmarks where relevant as well as trends over time.

Observatory Premium gives you Data Confidence!

As everyone knows, analysis is only as good as the quality of the data. This latest release introduces a raft of data checking and cleaning tools to help improve the quality of your schools MIS data and to make sure you continue to be able to make informed choices based on reliable data.

Check your schools MIS data status…

With our handy new status checker, you can see what data is flowing freely from each of your schools’ MIS to Observatory including start and end dates. This makes it easy to correct any issues by updating any settings in your Wonde portal.


Improve Data Quality…

We will highlight any instances where data supplied by a school may be missing, invalid or is a potential query and needs investigating.


See at a glance for each school any quality issues for the range of checks currently available.


By drilling down into each school you can see all the possible errors and quality issues with that schools data.


Whether it’s an incorrect UPN, a missing Gender or DOB or an incorrect code being used, Observatory Premium will present the information needed to address any issues, including the ability to export the issues to a spreadsheet to send to the school for them to correct any errors we have highlighted.

Download the data you need…

Observatory takes away all the time and headaches involved in not just collecting data but making sure it is accurate too. Now you can ALSO benefit from a new Downloads section where you can download the various datasets available to you in Excel format so that you can create any bespoke analysis you need or explore the underlying data.


Use your own Logo!

You will now also benefit from being able to add your own logo to our Visits & Actions reports.


ViWe have also added other enhancements to the layout of the actions sections in your visit reports.

Pssst… Premium Admin users can now add your logo in the admin section of the settings.This will be used on all future reports.


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