Introducing Streamlined Analysis and Enhanced Visits!

We’re excited to announce the latest updates that will affect both Premium and Essential Observatory users – designed to provide you with an even better experience and more valuable insights.

Our team has been working hard to enhance the platform based on your feedback, and we’re confident that these improvements will make a difference in your day-to-day work.

🌟 Two Become One…

We’ve combined the Intelligence and Analysis pages into one intuitive Analysis page.

Intelligence and Analysis combined  

With a cleaner interface and faster loading times, you’ll be able to access relevant insights more efficiently. Plus, this paves the way for us to add more real-time analysis moving forward.

personalised to display only the analysis and options available based on your permissions  

The new page is personalised to display only the analysis and options available based on your permissions and your schools’ access to Premium features or data sharing.

Our goal here is to continue to provide you with the intelligence you need to make informed decisions without having the hassle of collecting and assembling the data.

Pssst… If you want to hear more about the Premium Analysis features, such as MIS data KPIs or Visits and Actions, book a demo with our team today.

📊 Real-Time Performance Review Dashboard!

As a result of the changes to the Analysis page, we are also proud to introduce a Performance Review Status dashboard.

Performance Review Status dashboard  

Where your schools have a Perspective Premium subscription which includes modules such as Performance Management, this feature offers an overview of the progress of all Performance Management reviews across all your schools.

Pssst… With the changes to the analysis page, if you are looking for the original exports, don’t worry they are all still accessible by clicking the ‘Looking for the exports’ hyperlink at the top of the Analysis page.

Looking for the exports  

🔧 Streamlined Visits for Premium Users.

For our Premium users, we’ve revamped the visit workflow based on user feedback. The pop-up form captures all the essential information needed.

Revamped Visits Pop-up  

Once completed the data gets neatly tucked away in a sidebar on the new visit screen.This layout provides more space to focus on comments, actions, and attachments, with the visit information conveniently accessible in the sidebar.

visit information conveniently accessible in the sidebar 

The bottom toolbar allows for easy management of visit status and visibility options.

🔔 Schools’ Access to Visits.

Our Observatory Premium users can now benefit from their schools seeing visits inside their Perspective Lite accounts. Once you’ve finalised them, they can download the visits – no more emailing attachments! All visit data is securely stored within Perspective, and schools can control who has permission to access it.

visits inside their Perspective Lite accounts 

These changes were made to enhance the overall experience, streamline workflows, and improve communication with schools.


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