New KPI Analysis Enhancements in Perspective Observatory!

Based on all your feedback, we’re excited to announce new Perspective Observatory Premium updates for KPIs designed to provide you with an even better experience.

This release introduces the ability to quickly edit KPIs in bulk and adds a new single school summary page in your KPI analysis.

Edit School KPIs From Within The Analysis

The School List matrix view is a great way to see all of the KPIs in a given template across all of your schools. We’ve had many requests asking to be able to edit the KPIs from here, too. Well, we’re pleased to say that, as of today, you can.

new KPIS hover over  

You can either click on any KPI & update it instantly, or you can choose to switch to “edit mode” to review all the KPIs in a row for a school.

Row Edit Mode

Who Changed That KPI & When?

Now you’ll know. We’re surfacing that information for you so that you know exactly how fresh a KPI is and which Observatory user made that change

See who changed KPI  

Save Them All At Once! (we mean the KPIs)

Another enhancement that saves you time is a new feature in the School List view. Now, if you review and agree with the displayed KPIs, you can easily mark them as reviewed. We’ve added a “Save all as of today” button so you can simply press it & voila!

Save All Button  

All of the KPIs now have today’s date & your name against them. This is really handy to demonstrate that the KPIs have been reviewed, even where the values haven’t changed.

A New Single School Summary

We have also brought the KPIs you see in the school dashboard over to the analysis screens.

Summary Meeting  

This means that you can easily focus on one school & see all of its current KPIs across all of the templates you have, as well as benefitting from the new contextual information against each KPI.

Single School Summary  

As always, with the appropriate permissions, you have the flexibility to edit the KPIs directly from this interface. Additionally, you can manage user access levels, including read-only and full admin rights, ensuring precise control over who can interact with the KPIs.

Your Data. Your KPIs. Your Exports.

As with all our analysis in Observatory, we provide multiple ways for you to extract & export all of the information you see on screen. We have an Excel format for those of you that like to use the raw data to analyse & visualise things yourself.

Export Options  

We also offer an image or a PDF export of exactly what’s shown on screen. You can use these in any reports, presentations or meeting preparations you might have.


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