Spring Clean KPIs With New Layouts

Spring has arrived, and we’re excited to announce fresh enhancements to your Observatory Premium account!

Elevate your workflow with our latest additions: KPI Layouts and Team Management. Each feature is designed with your workload in mind to free up more of your time for what really matters.

A Quick Summary of What’s New:

  • Introducing Customisable KPI Layouts: Take charge with the all-new Layouts. Do you have some specific KPI Sets (previously called Templates) that relate to “Finance“, for example? Enjoy the flexibility to add, remove or re-order KPIs within a Layout according to your preferences.
  • Presenting Team Management: You can now seamlessly create, edit, and delete teams within Observatory.

For a deeper dive into how these features can benefit your operations, please read on.

Introducing Customisable Layouts.

We have now added the ability for you to create multiple Layouts in Observatory. A Layout is a group of KPI Sets (previously called Templates) that you can use for a specific purpose, team or time of year.


If you have already been using KPIs, the good news is that we have already created your first Layout for you!

Your KPIs will look exactly as they did before, but now they belong to a default Layout.


You can start creating new Layouts, or edit the existing one – you’re in control at every step. Make as many new Layouts as you wish.

New Layouts = New Focus.

Review KPIs through the lens of a well-organised and well-defined Layout. This improved clarity allows you to focus on the relevant KPIs at the right time.


Read our Help Guide to learn how to edit and create new Layouts.

All New Team Management Hub.

You can now create teams for your organisation within Observatory.


This new addition will allow you to add users to teams and assign team leaders. You can do this within the admin settings.

It will be helpful for organisations to set any relevant teams and users up ahead of a future release that will enable you to use these teams for filtering and visibility in our Visits and KPI modules — we will keep you informed of when to expect these changes!


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