Perspective and Performance Management

Building on the success of the Self Review and Improvement Planning modules, Angel Solutions are pleased to announce the release of their new Performance Management module in Perspective which went live on 6th June 2011. Developed in partnership with high-performing schools across the country, the Performance Management module supports the best practice model of planning, evidencing and support.

Perspective has always promoted a school improvement cycle of Review > Plan > Act > Monitor > Review, where areas for improvement can be identified and acted upon at either a whole school or departmental level. The Performance Management module within Perspective makes a tangible link between school and departmental improvement targets and individual responsibility for achieving those targets.

The key features of the Performance Management module are:

Integrated Performance Management Targets

Targets can either be particular to an individual or aligned with higher priorities. These are agreed at the beginning of the Performance Management cycle and can be tracked throughout the year. Targets are at the heart of the Performance Management process and can have CPD needs and costs attached to them.

Flexible Observation Schedule and Evidence

Perspective allows users to schedule a series of formal observations and afterwards store their notes from the observation within the system. This means that notes (whether they’re text, data, audio or video) can be stored centrally and can be accessed by the reviewer or reviewee at any point.

Target Focused CPD

Perspective helps to keep CPD requests relevant and focused on the job in hand –namely the Performance Management target. Perspective allows you to attach the CPD activity to the Target, meaning that everyone is clear as to why colleagues are undergoing CPD and what the outcome should be.

Personal Evidence Storage

As the year progresses and colleagues move toward their CPD targets, they may find it useful to record evidence of their progress. Perspective allows reviewees to log evidence online throughout the year – making it easier to make their case for having completed their assigned targets.

Secure Recording of Reviews

At the end of the review cycle, the reviewee and reviewer view the evidence from the targets, observations etc are used as the basis for the review conversation. The findings of which are then written up and (after being confirmed by the reviewee) stored securely as a pdf.

Getting to know Performance Management

We are also offering schools the chance to get the most out of the new Performance Management module by delivering free online training sessions for senior teams. If you would like to make use of this service, please email

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