The circus comes to town

2012 has seen the Circus come to visit Angel Solutions in a big way.  At the start of the year, the vision and concept of “The Circus” was unfurled and adopted by the entire team.

The Vision

A circus is a place where talented individuals and performers come together to “wow” an audience.  A place of thrills and excitement, training and hard work, innovation and fun … all themes that resonate with the work we do here at Angel Solutions.

Office Plan

The Circus vision was outlined to Penny Harland of Harland Interiors who came up with a concept and design for the office and we set about remodelling the standard office setup into a space that reflected who we are, what we do and would provide the team with a fun place to come to every day.

The Process

Of course at Angel Solutions we don’t do “run of the mill” so of course we planned the office refurb to coincide with a charity day where all the staff were dispatched to work with a number of local charities (read more here) and the whole project was kept as a surprise.

The Result

Our new office
The Circus
The wall of Circus artwork
Circus Artwork
The view from inside the Big Top
Inside the Big Top


Before & After

The view down the office from the “Big Top”
Before and After shot 1

The “Big Top”
Before and After shot 2

The view up the office from the entranceBefore and After shot 3


The Reaction

Circus reaction from the team

Cue Monday morning, and the Angels arrived to gather together in a waiting room until the grand unveiling.

The doors were opened to the smell of fresh popcorn, fairground mirrors, a huge interactive “blackboard” wall, feature walls showcasing all of our awards, Circus imagery, a video playing Cirque Du Soleil, a hidden “Big Top” complete with artificial grass, sofas, juggling props and funny clocks.

Popcorn anyone?

Andy Kent (CEO) commented:

“I am thrilled that the Circus vision outlined at the start of the year has now translated into a physical environment which aptly reflects the extraordinary thinking and innovation that takes place at Angel Solutions.  It was a nice surprise to do for the hard working team, and combined with being able to take them to see Cirque du Ciel has been a fun way to enjoy the hard work and effort put into the first six months of the year.  I look forward to continuing to “wow” visitors who come to visit our office and the popcorn machine is always at the ready”

 A big thank you to all the team that helped make this happen including:

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