Brand new help and support system in Perspective

Our new, accessible help system is now available on every page within Perspective.  From the drop down help menu, you will find helpful videos and tutorials, step by step walk through guides, links to other relevant sections of the site and this will continue to be updated as we enhance Perspective throughout the year.

Live Chat
As well as the existing support options (Phone, Email and Ticketing System) we have now provided the facility to chat online with one of our support team.  Available during normal working hours, you can ask questions, get guidance or a steer in the right direction all from a small pop-up window that sits alongside the work you are doing in Perspective.  Access Live Chat from the drop down Help System at the top of the screen.  If your browser resolution is over 1,024 x 768, you will also be able to access Live Chat from a side bar on the left hand side of every screen.

Help Tips
Specially designed pop up messages to help guide you through the system, alert you to new features, assist first time users, all designed to be non-intrusive and with the ability to turn them off!

Visual Save Prompts
To help ensure you don’t lose any of your text when working within the Bite Size Questions, we’ve added indicators to make sure you don’t lose your vital work.  As you change the text the box turns red, prompting you to save.  When you save your text, the box turns green confirming that you have saved the latest version!


To ensure we continue to support you in all areas of improvement and provide opportunities for you to feed back on features, issues, customer service or any other suggestion, we’ve added the ability to rate and comment every time you log out of Perspective.  There is no requirement to do so, and you will still be logged out without having to feed back, but if you do want to give your feedback, or even just rate the experience you’ve just had, it will help us to ensure we are keeping you happy and we promise to read all the comments!

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