Gathering Vital Stakeholder Views

The survey tool in Perspective has always been really useful for schools and children’s centres looking to gather the views of parents, governors, students or staff to evidence their self evaluation or improvement processes. Well, we have made some further alterations to the system to make it even more useful!

Perspective Surveys
We have updated the built-in surveys to include changes in the pre and post Ofsted Inspection Surveys which have been recently released.  We have archived the old questionnaires which are still visible to view inside Perspective, but any new surveys issued will be the latest versions.

Parent View Surveys
As Ofsted begin to use Parent View as their medium for pre inspection checks and health checking on schools, we have integrated the outputs of these surveys into Schools Perspective as well! Now, when you are gathering evidence in a self evaluation section you can gain access dynamically to the Parent View website and your recent results and reports, right when you need them!

Your Surveys
Don’t forget, if you have surveys that you have concocted yourself (using free tools like the excellent Survey Monkey) then you can add the reports from these into the document pool in Perspective or as evidence against a target or self evaluation section in Perspective! The document storage facility in Perspective is agnostic, so whatever you want to throw at it will be stored.

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