Help! I need somebody…

Everyone needs a little extra help sometimes when they are using something new. With this in mind, Perspective will soon be upgraded to include a live chat feature, so our schools, academies and children’s centre partners can get the help they need right at the moment they need it, without having to move from their chair.

Our Live Chat system will be deployed into Perspective in the summer term release and will allow users to chat direct with our support team or to one of our training team depending upon what they need help with. Forgotten where a specific bit of evidence is stored? Need a reminder on how to set up a target? No problem, ask away and be up and running again in seconds!

Added to this we are deploying a wealth of new features, materials and some suprises to make sure Perspective, and you, are ahead of the game.

Watch this space for fuller release details and the date of deployment!

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