Perspective Autumn Term Roll Out

This Autumn Term has seen one of the most intense roll outs of software that we have ever attempted at Angel Solutions, thanks to the number of Local Authorities who are starting to use Perspective as the mechanism by which schools securely access data and documents. The Perspective team have now added over 3000 schools and academies to Perspective Lite, with the vast majority of those going live since September!

More and more LAs are finding that Perspective, in tandem with Nexus, Broadcast and Pendulum, is a fast, secure and time saving way to send documents and data direct to schools. It is also considerably cheaper than many of the systems that they have been using for years, given the fact the the NCER systems are such good value for money.

To find out more about Perspective Lite for schools/academies or any of the Nexus Suite products, and what they could do to save you time and money, please contact us.

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