Perspective roll out across Warrington

As part of Warrington LA’s decision to implement Angel Solutions’ Broadcast system for secure dissemination of data and documents to schools and academies, all the schools in Warrington have this term gained access to Perspective Lite.

Following the roll out to all the schools, over a quarter of them have now chosen to upgrade their accounts to gain access to the full version of Perspective, meaning their data and documents from the LA can now seamlessly integrate into their evidence base for inspection or to support their improvement processes alongside all of the data they already hold at school.

Having access to all this data at the point at which it will be used, and knowing it is securely stored rather than being transmitted via insecure means or on CDs and pen drives means both schools and the LA can rest easy. As the data being transmitted comes directly from the Nexus suite, it means nearly every LA in the country has the potential to benefit from this kind of approach in minutes.

For more information on the benefits of Perspective, Perspective Lite or Broadcast for your LA, school or academy, please call 0845 833 7190 or email us.


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