Brenda Keogh Primary Science Prize

Angel Solutions is always on the lookout for more ways to support schools in delivering an outstanding education experience for their pupils. That’s why, for the third year running, we’re sponsoring this fantastic prize to develop science in primary schools!

Hear from one of last year’s winners!

“We wanted to empower staff to be confident to teach practical science and to carry out effective scientific enquiries that would really excite the imagination of their pupils.

…The excellent boost of quality equipment we received has meant that every class has been able to use microscopes, stopwatches, thermometers, etc, enabling the children to feel like ‘real’ scientists.

— Dawn Hill, Science Subject Leader,
St. George’s CE Primary School

(prize winner, 2015)

Click here to find out more about the 2015 winners

About the Prize

Brenda Keogh was an inspirational writer and teacher who touched and transformed the lives of teachers and learners all over the world. She leaves a lasting memory that will continue to influence classrooms for years to come.

Brenda Keogh

To celebrate her memory Angel Solutions, Millgate House Education and ASE present this award to two primary schools to help them enrich their science provision.

The award’s purpose is to help schools make science become more engaging, more enjoyable and a more productive learning experience for pupils.

The award particularly aims to support schools which have limited funding for science.

The award includes:

  • Science resources worth £600!
  • 1 day’s consultancy from Millgate House Education to help set up enrichment activities worth £800
  • Selection of key primary science publications from ASE
  • 1 year membership of the British Science Association
  • Half price discount on Primary Science Quality Mark registration.

How to apply

In no more than 500 words, outline your school’s plans for primary science and how the support offered will help you achieve this. The ASE will be looking for:

  • Schools which are new to ASE
  • Schools where science has had a low profile
  • A clear indication of the type of need
  • A keen and possibly new Subject Leader

Please list any grants and awards for science education you have received, if any, in the last 3 years.

Email your entry by Friday 1 April 2016 to
(Schools will be notified by Monday 6 June 2016)

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