2016 Watchsted Annual Report

We are currently writing our 2016 Watchsted Annual Report on inspection trends. Read on to find out more…

The report will focus on:

  • Trends in 2016 Section 5 inspections where the grade has increased (specifically those that have improved from requires improvement to outstanding)
  • The latest league tables showing the top Ofsted scores for Academy Trusts
  • Case studies from schools who have increased their Ofsted grades (RI to O)

How to access the 2016 Watchsted Annual Report

We are offering all schools access to this valuable research report free of charge if they book an online overview of our Perspective School Leadership Toolkit before the end of term (December 2016).

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Benefits for schools

The Perspective School Leadership Toolkit links:

  • your SEF evidence and stakeholder engagement with your School Development Plans;
  • your Development Plans with Performance Management;
  • and your Performance Management with customisable T&L monitoring and staff standards.

All of this is brought together into one central space to make it easier for leadership to report on strengths and areas for improvement at any point throughout the year, but also for staff to quickly update evidence of their own professional development.

This year’s Watchsted Annual Report is just one of many additional research papers and benchmarking surveys we provide to schools each year, giving valuable intelligence to inform school leadership decisions, as well as extended evidence for governors and other stakeholders.

Request the report now…

If you would like to receive the Watchsted Annual Report 2016, please complete this short form, with 2-3 potential dates/times for your online overview before the end of term.

Please note that as the system is designed to be run by the headteacher or senior leadership team, the interactive online overviews will only be available for these roles in school.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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