Perspective Lite has had a refresh

The start of the new school year has also brought some major new enhancements to Perspective Lite, making it even more valuable to 17,000 schools across the country. Updates include unlocking FREE Watchsted Ofsted Inspector Profiles for all, our ever popular infographic creator of census data, updating our hub of links to time-saving tools, plus a completely overhauled interface.

As with any change – even when it contains improvements like these – we hope that everyone will be able to adjust quickly and agree that the changes have been worth it! There’s too much to cover everything in detail here, but we’ve outlined a few of the improvements below:

Interact easily with your Local Authority or Organisation

Rest assured… ALL the information schools are used to accessing from local authorities (LAs), trusts or organisations is still prioritised in Perspective Lite. In fact, it’s even easier to access now, thanks to the new ‘alert panel’ with boxes pointing to important documents, reports or analysis.

Four quick-links to LA services at the top of the Perspective Lite homepage

LA services (click to enlarge)

Not all Perspective Lite users will see these items of course. Intelligent permissions only show LA and organisation services to Senior Leadership Teams by default. Additionally, some schools won’t see any of these items if they’ve not yet subscribed to their LA’s services. In these cases, headteachers will instead be prompted to discuss the valuable resources and services available with their LA, who can easily switch these on by arrangement.

Watchsted: Inspector, Inspection & Parent View intelligence

All schools now have free access to our ever popular Ofsted Inspector profiles tool. Senior Leaders can look up any lead Ofsted Inspector, see summaries of their main findings and recommendations, access a map of all the inspections they have carried out, and more.

Watchsted Inspector Summary Widget on the Perspective Lite homepage

Watchsted (click to enlarge)

Perspective Lite also alerts schools to any new activity on their Ofsted Parent View, so leaders can quickly check on their latest parent feedback and respond appropriately.

This all comes on top of the usual Watchsted features, which include maps and analysis of Ofsted Inspections nationwide.

Create stunning visuals from your school census data

You may not be aware that with a few clicks you can create an infographic of your school census data. This is a simple “school on a page” view that is a huge time saver and makes understanding the demographics of your school even easier for governors, teachers, critical friends or an Ofsted inspector.

Census Infographic creator available in Perspective Lite

Census Infographic Creator (click to enlarge)

Multi-user access

After years of supporting Perspective Lite for leaders in thousands of schools across the country, we’re pleased to have opened up the system to now serve all staff within a school.

Features are currently fairly limited for teachers, but we will be adding more for them in the months ahead. Non-SLT members have restricted permissions by default, meaning they cannot automatically access content from LAs and Organisations. However, they can make use of the news feeds, classroom tools and featured articles or websites straight away.

When headteachers or administrators add a new staff member, they have full control over that person’s permissions in Perspective Lite. So, if you need to enable certain team members to complete a census or access to records of school improvement visits, you can do this quickly and securely within Perspective Lite.In the coming months, a further improvement will allow you to automatically create staff accounts using your school MIS (Management Information System). Keep checking news items inside the system to see when this goes live!

Relevant Promotions

As you navigate around Perspective Lite, you will see some short videos and graphics alerting you to some of our other products and services that are benefitting thousands of schools across the country. If you are satisfied with your current solutions, feel free to dismiss these and they won’t be shown to you again.

Coming Soon…

We will be giving away more free, time-saving tools within Perspective Lite in the coming months, including a new 5 Minute Lesson Plan and a whole suite of tools to benefit teachers in the classroom. We will also be introducing a weekly poll, so that you can contribute and see what schools across the country think about relevant topics.

If you are a Head Teacher and are not sure whether you have a Perspective Lite account, or have forgotten your login details, then please use this link to get in touch

Keep looking out for announcements in the coming weeks and months to find out more! (We promise it will be worth the wait!)

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