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We have great news for those interested in school performance. (e.g. Parents, teachers, pupils, education leaders, local authorities, media professionals… well, anyone really!) now includes Short Inspections!

Short inspections were introduced by Ofsted in 2015 to reduce the burden on schools that had previously been rated as ‘Good’. More and more teachers were asking for these inspections to be included in the Watchsted analysis inside our software products for schools, so we decided to upgrade the free website to include them as well.

Take a look at what’s new!

You can now find short inspections alongside full inspections on the Watchsted map. Just look for the ‘short’ label:

Watchsted map including Short Inspections

Short inspections are also included in Watchsted’s statistics.

As you can see, we now include short inspections within the overall tally of Ofsted judgements, as well as neatly separating out each of the sub-grades given to schools during full inspections.

Watchsted analysis charts, including Short Inspections

Don’t forget, you can still filter Watchsted’s analysis by phase and region, just as you always could. But now, you have the added benefit of being able to factor both Short and Full inspections into your benchmark comparisons.

In addition to the changes on the free website, our unique Ofsted inspector profiles (available inside Perspective school leadership toolkit and Nexus for local authorities) have also had short inspections added.

An Ofsted Inspector profile, including their short inspections

Look up an Ofsted Inspector

If you work in an MAT or LA, or are a member of a school’s senior leadership team, and want to access Watchsted’s Ofsted inspector profiles, please give us a call on 0845 833 7830 or email

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