Angel Summer Sports Day 2018

This year’s summer fun day saw all the Angels trip off to Calderstones School playing fields for our annual test of agility, mental dexterity and physical prowess. A great day was had by all!

Superbly organised by the amazing team from Littlefoot, the preorganised teams set about a variety of tasks ranging from extreme Rock Paper Scissors to blindfolded tower-building, culminating with an incredibly violent balloon stomp.

See for yourself…

Ultimately the blue team were victorious (amid rumours of match fixing).

As well as a wonderful day out of the office enjoying the fresh air, it was a fantastic opportunity to welcome some brand new Angels to the company and bond together as a team. There was plenty of time to relax and catch up and the afternoon was topped off with delicious wood fired pizzas from Jordy’s Pizza.

James Burch, Managing Director, said of the day:

We see great value in taking time out of our busy schedules to invest in staff relationships and believe this is an essential part of our Angel culture. Our thanks goes to Littlefoot, Jordy’s and Calderstones School for a great day, and of course to all the Angels for taking part.

We are hiring!

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