Pendulum November 2022 Update

We are excited to bring you the latest features and enhancements to Pendulum! Keep reading for a rundown of what’s new, including some BIG changes to visits…

A new ‘Focus’ on visits!

Pendulum has always been so much more than JUST a tool for school improvement visits. Teams across LAs use Pendulum to capture all their interactions with schools and other settings.

To reflect the widening use of Pendulum by teams including Early Years, SEND, Inclusion, Governance and Safeguarding, visits formerly known as ‘School Improvement Visits’ (SI) have been renamed ‘Focus Visits’ (FOC).


We haven’t changed any functionality – Focus visits will work exactly the same way as the old School Improvement visits. Result!

Pssst… Click the purple button on your Pendulum dashboard to read more about these changes.


Other subtle changes…

While updating your ‘Focus Visits’, you’ll notice other key language changes within Pendulum.


Any screens that previously contained a column with the TYPE of visit (e.g. the lists in the Home and Analysis dashboards) will now show ‘FOC’ instead of ‘SI’. Other visits will continue to show as ‘OTH’. The change in terminology referring to Focus visits and the use of ‘FOC’ instead of ‘SI’ has also been made to the schools’ view of records of visits in Perspective Lite as well as the Schools dashboard in Nexus.

Pssst… For ‘Other’ visits, exports now include the funding category.

Hold the front cover!

Focus visit reports now include the actual focus name as the cover page title. This replaces the old ‘School Improvement Visit Report’ heading.


And that’s not all – to accommodate all teams and settings using Pendulum, we’ve made extra language changes to the report cover headings. What was ‘Headteacher’ and ‘School’ are now ‘Headteacher/Manager’ and ‘School/Setting’.

What will your schools/settings see?

Schools/settings will also see the language changes described above where relevant in Perspective & Perspective Lite along with the following addition…

Now when you submit a ‘Focus Visit’, instead of the status being ‘Submitted To School’, it will show ‘Needs Response’ to the school/setting.


We have refreshed the notification email Headteachers/Managers receive when a report is submitted, giving it a more professional look and feel.


Along with a helpful summary of the visit that has taken place which will include the focus name – links will be more prominent for your Headteachers/Managers so they can access support if and when needed.

Ready to get started?

Sign in now and see the updates for yourself.

We held some focus group sessions in November to share some exciting new developments we have planned for Pendulum. We got a huge thumbs up for the game-changer proposal for 2023 – the ability to upload your completed templates in Word format to auto-complete reports in Pendulum. Now, doesn’t that make your heart sing?

Not currently utilising Pendulum?

Join us for a demo and we will show you how other Local Authorities are benefitting.


If you or any colleagues would like training on any aspect of Pendulum or have any other questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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