September 2022 Update

We’ve been busy behind the scenes adding even more functionality to your Pendulum account. Updates to your visit reports, a homepage refresh and other improvements to our Schools’ Dashboard are all included. Ready to hear the details? Let’s dive right in!

Lights, camera, previous actions!

You asked for it, so we delivered.

Personalise previous actions pulling through to your visit report, by action status, date and person responsible.

  visits report download  

Whether it’s all incomplete actions from the last term or completed actions from the school improvement team in the last 30 days or any other selection, Pendulum makes it easy for you to choose what you want to include in your visit report.

Pssst… Pendulum Admins will be able to update the default settings for all your visit reports.

  Report preferences  

Further homepage enhancements!

We have made it easier to manage your visits from the Pendulum homepage. You can now filter by status rather than needing to use the separate portfolio page – which has now been removed as a result!

  My dashboard  

These handy colour-coded filters work alongside the existing filters meaning you can find what you want quickly and easily.

  Status toggles  

Download all your selected reports in one go, or export the list as an Excel spreadsheet.

  download reports  

Your new visits tab – all dressed up.

You may remember from our July release that schools were given the option to filter their visits in Perspective Lite.

We have now brought the exact same functionality to your Records of Visits tab in your School Dashboard.

  School dashboard  

Sort, filter and search to find what you want with quick access to edit visits (if you have permission). And now you can also create a new visit for this school from this tab.

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