Pendulum February 2023 Update

Oh my, Word Importer! Look at that extra functionality…

We are thrilled to launch the pilot phase of our latest innovation – the Word Document Importer! Read on to discover how trying this exciting new tool lets you have your cake and eat it too!

Save valuable time for quality analysis

Say goodbye to copy-pasting your new visit notes from your Word document. Simply select and download a blank Word template from Pendulum, write up your new visit notes in Word and upload back to Pendulum – easy as 1, 2, 3.


Pssst… When you first download your template, don’t forget to click the ‘Enable Editing’ button at the top of your page in Word.


Once you have uploaded your template, the next step is the same as it ever was, choose the school and adviser for the visit.


Pendulum will auto-populate any relevant sections from the document you have imported.

Check before finalising

Our holding area, or ‘Import Summary’, allows you to review your report and check that all your content is appearing correctly.


Double-check any content within the Issues Arising and Outcomes sections on the separate tab. You can add, edit or remove entries here just like you would in a normal visit record.


Want to quickly create new multiple Focus Visits for different schools? Or want all schools to receive a copy of a new cluster visit? No problem! Download the template, write it once and upload either to each individual school or as a cluster visit. The choice is yours!

Take the first step towards more intelligent reporting

If you’re ready to try the new Word Importer but need a little guidance, click here to access our helpful guide.

Don’t worry if you aren’t quite ready to try out the pilot phase of our new Word Document Importer. You can still add visits in your usual way by clicking ‘Create New Record’ followed by ‘New record of visit’.


Ready to get started?

Sign in and see the updates for yourself.


If you have any feedback on our most recent update, please let our team know. We are currently working on the next phase of this exciting functionality and would love your invaluable input.

Not currently utilising Pendulum?

Join us for a demo and we will show you how other Local Authorities are benefitting.


If you or any colleagues would like training on any aspect of Pendulum or have any other questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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