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With half term and the Platinum Jubilee nearly upon us and with KS2 tests finished, we are proud to release some exciting new updates to help make it quicker and easier for your staff to manage and update their targets and to-do lists.

For SLT, we have also included your SEF, Team Reviews & Plans on the home page. Read more about these time-saving updates below: Quicker and easier to update your targets and actions.

Your home page has always included any targets and actions you are responsible for, and this could be related to your school or team development plan or your appraisal. We know your time is precious, so we have made it quicker and easier than ever to stay on top of these.

We can’t wait for you to try this.

Do more with quick edits.

A popular request from many of our users was the ability to update more aspects of both targets and actions using the “quick edit” functionality.

You will be pleased to see that in this latest release, you can now quickly and easily update everything you can see in the screenshots below­­ from the home page!

  new targets list with examples   target quick edit function  

And it’s a similar story for all your Actions.

new actions list with examples  

You can now easily change priorities, deadlines and mark actions as complete, all from inside the actions tab. Our quick edit lets you change anything about the action in our handy pop up form.

actions quick edit 2  

Homepage updates.

From the moment you log in to Perspective, you can see everything all in one place.

You have already seen how our handy tabs let you update Targets & Actions quickly and easily and stay on top of your reviews and professional development.

For SLT, we have also added new widgets on the home page to give you quick access to your SEF and Development plans, highlighting when they were last updated. And if you have any team reviews or subject action plans, you can go straight to your dashboards and access them from there too.

new homepage for slt  

Do you find yourself rushing to update your plan before a governor or SIP meeting? Top tip: Open our new home page, and Perspective makes this quick and easy to do.

Never miss an update…

Introducing your ‘What’s New’ tab – see all the latest news, updates and events from Perspective. We will be using this to keep you informed about what’s happening in Perspective, upcoming webinars, and generally advising you on how to get the most out of your account to support your school improvement.

whats new tab  

These new updates will make Perspective more accessible to your busy staff members. We’d recommend booking a rollout session with us during a staff meeting to talk your staff through these updates.


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Book a quick session with our team below, and we will give you a guided tour of the latest update.


If you or any colleagues would like training on any aspect of Perspective or have any other questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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