Pendulum upgrade released

We are proud to announce we recently upgraded our Pendulum Records of Visits module with enhanced functionality to continue to save Local Authorities both time and money.


Brand new exports allowing you to produce RAG style exports for all your schools for all sections and data type questions, analyse trends over terms in specific areas like Leadership and Management. This saves hours of time analysing individual visit reports and was enthusiastically welcomed at the recent Pendulum working group last week.

The content has been updated/improved on existing exports, and now includes the postcode of schools to facilitate mapping outside of Pendulum.


Send to School email wording is now configurable per Local Authority

Records of Visits tab in Nexus

The DRAFT status of the non-SIP visits has been removed from the display in the Records of Visits tab in Nexus. These are always visible once you save a Non-SIP visit in Pendulum.

Perspective Lite

Local Authorities are now able to use Perspective Lite to securely access their Records of Visits workflow. This is an enhancement to the previous way of submitting visits to schools and also supports schools already using Perspective by reducing the number of systems or logins they have to remember. A number of Local Authorities have already moved over to using Perspective Lite and it is available to all Local Authorities at no extra cost. Please contact us for information on this migration process.

Perspective Lite and Broadcast

Angel Solutions have a brand new module called Broadcast which allows for easy, secure distribution of information to schools through Nexus by uploading files/folder structures from your local machine/network which automatically populate relevant schools folders in Perspective or Perspective Lite. If the cost of running an intranet, or internal charges for uploading information to your intranet is an issue for you – then we have the solution!

If you are interested, please contact us for further information

Pendulum Tweaks and updates

  • Visit portfolio is now sorted by Visit Date descending (ie most recent at the top)
  • School Details RoV tab orders by Visit Date descending by default (ie most recent at the top)
  • Section Answer page has default focus to text box (previously you had to put the cursor in the text box yourself before you could start typing)
  • Spell checker updated
  • Uploading a Document to a Visit workflow has been improved.

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